Big Fish Games
GameBox Configuration Tool

Empowering users to configure based off their needs


Stakeholders use a tool called GameBox which is a communication channel that delivers JSON directly to the game


Producers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Engineers and Quality Assurance Testers


With GameBox’s flexible design teams were unknowingly making errors that impacted their games economy

Role(s) Played

Conduct interviews to inform and provide Engineering and Product Managers with designs

Activities Performed

User Interviews, wireframes, high fidelity mockups

User Interviews

Identified and interviewed 36 Stakeholders

Frequently talked points included:

  • GameBox usage
  • JSON
  • Friction points
  • Needs that were not being met by GameBox

“We haven’t adopted the tool because we’re afraid that another team could accidentally send messages for our game.”

“The tool has a lot of power and it is way too easy to make a mistake.”

“The tool is very open ended without any error validation.”

“GameBox provides a lot of options that our game just doesn’t need.”

Understanding JSON

The common use case:

Send additional JSON with the message to inflict change within the game

The challenge

Each game formatted their JSON differently, so a one size fits all solution wasn't possible

Identified Issues

Error Prevention

GameBox’s flexible design lacked the validation needed by the teams to safely use the tool

User Control

Users were required to decline options in GameBox that did not pertain to their game

Flexibility and efficiency of use

Users not well versed in JSON were required to copy/paste JSON into the tool

Guiding Principles

Aligned with the Product owner and we generated these guiding principals for the GameBox Configuration Tool:

  • Ability to select default form values and options
  • Improved Security
  • Provide game specific validation
  • Take JSON editing out of the hands of the user

Default and Toggle options

GameBox provides more options than any single game needs.

By giving Producers of a game the option to define default and available options that match how the game is designed.


Default option: Producers can override the form’s default value to match the most common use.


Validation: Each game displays content differently and Producers can apply character limits and image restrictions. This helps correct Marketing Managers configure messages that match how the game is designed.


Show/Hide: The Producer can toggle which options are safe for a Marketing Manager to use when using GameBox.

Problem: During interviews, the users’ biggest pain point came when they wanted to restrict options to match how the game is designed.

Solution: In the next iteration we introduced an option that would allow the Producer to select what options to show based off what’s configured by the game.


Show/Hide: The Producer can toggle which options are safe for a Marketing Manager to use when using GameBox.


Required: There are some form elements that are always required and cannot be hidden from view.

Problem: During interviews, the users’ spent lots of time scrolling up and down trying to find their place and reaffirm which options were associated with the intended image option.

Solution: In the next iteration we took contextual options and presented them within the same cell element.


Contextual options: This allowed all form options and validation rules to be contained within same cell.

"JSON" Gift Builder

Going beyond the message requires copying and pasting JSON

Adding a gift builder allows Marketing Managers to send a gift without having to write the JSON


Validation: Game Engineers could quickly check to see if the JSON they’ve inputed is valid


Unique Name: Game Engineers can define reward names that will later be selected by the Marketing Manager during message creation

Problem: During user interviews, I learned that each team formatted where their gifts were located within the JSON

Solution: In the next iteration we introduced a gift path that would direct where gifts would be injected in the JSON

Problem: During the interviews we also learned that gift items can have legacy names

Solution: When identifying a gift object, we allowed for a gift label. Users of GameBox would display the gift label

Final Design


  • The GameBox Configuration Tool improved the adoption rate of the GameBox by 100%
  • Time to Task for GameBox was reduced when teams were utilizing GameBox Configuration Tool
  • Stakeholders were delighted to remove copying and pasting JSON from their workflow!

What I learned

  • When working with internal users and identifying their needs, I learned that I needed to continue asking why their needs were needed. This helped clarify the significance of the requests and I could inquire with other teams.
  • To support the Improved Security guiding principal, user logins would only show users the games they had access to. I failed to ask engineers if there were any blockers, which resulted in being stalled in getting this solution to the stakeholders quicker.
  • If I were to redo some of this project, I would have explored applying helper text behind info buttons or hover states on the labels.